Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekly Catch Up and Shamrock the Ville 5K

Here are the weekly workout updates:
Feb 24-Mar 02

Biking: 35.00
Elliptical: 0.00
Rowing: 1.29
Running: 8.40
Swimming: 2.22
Lifting workouts: Lifted twice!

Mar 03-09

Biking: 28.00
Elliptical: 0.00
Rowing: 0.65
Running: 18.85
Swimming: 0.00
Lifting workouts: Lifted once!

These last couple of weeks were not perfect but I kept moving.  I have had some fatigue but I have been doing a lot of traveling and moving.  In the past, that would have resulted in me doing nothing but I have turned a new leaf.  So, yes, I am happy with these workouts.

Yesterday I ran the Shamrock the Ville 5K and I had a great race.  If I have not said this yet, consistency pays off!  I was again was "this close" to a PR.  I ran the race in 28:31.  Plus, I negative split the race: 9:32, 9:15 and 9:02 with a 9:11/mile average.  YAY!  I know that PRs will be coming soon!  Here are some more details on the race:

Gun time: 28:42 with average pace of 9:11/mile
Clock Time: 28:31
Gender Place: 57/421
Division Place: 10/86
Overall Place: 177/656

Have a great week y'all and remember keep running, riding and swimming to your greatness!


  1. I believe 100% in consistency! I think it is the strongest feature in my running.

  2. A good finishing time with a great negative split: congrats! And also the places are interesting!