Sunday, November 24, 2013

Team RWB Flying High at Route 66 Marathon!

 First Time Flying the Eagle as an Okie!

A great week is in the books.  I had great workouts and I completed the Route 66 5K on Saturday.  And on Sunday I spectated the 1/2 marathon and marathon on Sunday.  The weather was cold but that did not stop all the racers, including my brother and my sister in law.  They finished the 1/2 marathon hand-in-hand as newlyweds today.  I am so happy for them!  Additionally, there were several Team Red White and Blue racers running the two races today.  I didn't see any of them personally but I have seen the pics on Facebook.  So glad to say GO TEAM!  Way to fly the Eagle high! I also got to meet fellow blogger, Shannon, this weekend at the race.  She raced the marathon.  YAY Shannon!

Here are my numbers for the week (including an 6th place in my age group for the 5K!!!!!)

Biking: 28.00
Elliptical: 0.00
Rowing: 5.72
Running: 18.21
Swimming: 1.24
Total: 53.17


  1. Jealous of the biking number. It may be over for me this year.

  2. Great job Christi! And welcome back to the blog world :)

  3. I just signed up for Team RWB this week! There were about 50 or 60 Team RWB members at the JFK 50 in MD. I looked into it and said "hell yeah"! Great job!

  4. BY THE WAY, I got my RWB shirt. I love it, but it's too small!