Sunday, November 10, 2013

I am Back and Training!

I will be blogging more often.  Though not as often as in the past.  Blogs will come once a week and will outline my training for the week.  Right now that is all the time I have to get back to this blog but I hope toa be able to dedicate more time in the future.  A couple of updates first:

1. I have moved to Tulsa, OK and am now working for the St. John Health System.  My family is not here yet but they will be eventually.

2. My training is coming around.  I am starting to see some consistency and that is making me really happy.

3. I have goals for next year but I will leave that for another blog!

Here are the training details for this week and thank goodness for awesome Oklahoma weather!

Biking: 48.12
Elliptical: 0.00
Rowing: 0.00
Running: 18.05
Swimming: 0.00
Total: 66.17


  1. Great! I know that feeling - when you start to see consistency in training - when strength, speed, and endurance go to the next level.

  2. Congrats on the new gig! Glad to 'see' you around. Enjoy the weather as I think a cold front is coming.

  3. Good luck in your training. Hope your family can join you soon. That must be tough.

  4. Awesome blossom, consistency is key and when it results in happy, then woo hoo, you have hit the jack pot :)