Saturday, July 13, 2013

Whoop! Whoop!

I have done pretty well for July so far.  I am working out and eating clean, except for the weekend trip to visit family.  I am pretty stoked but I must say this is not easy.  You would think that eating clean would be easy since it makes my body feel so good but damn.... temptation is hard!  Of course, if you have read my blog for any period of time you have probably figured out that I have an addictive personality.  Not good because I am an all or nothing person.  I am having a hard time right now with beer.  I really enjoy my Friday happy hours but I really need to stop doing that every week. I made it last night so let's hope I can make it the rest of the weekend! I have no trouble during the week.

Anyway, workouts are good.  I have added weightlifting and swimming back to the mix and my running is getting better.  I am still slow but I am almost to the point that I don't care anymore.  Ok, that is not true but maybe if I tell myself that it will come true?!

I hope you are all well.  Here is my absolute fav video right now!


  1. Keep it up!

    Yes, I am also doing some swimming....or trying to learn to do it properly 8)

    My weakness tends toward wine rather than beer but a good craft beer is a big temptation too. But it's really just empty calories that make you feel bad later. (I keeps telling self....;)

  2. Eating clean is not easy. Good job on your success.

  3. The training in itself is more important than the speed.
    I am also trying yo eat clean, but it is not so easy, above all in this vacation time.

  4. Eating clean takes a lot of conscious thought and effort. In a world full of stress where everything is a mad rush - eating (and drinking) clean is NOT easy. Great job!