Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday's Workout

I stuck to the 30 min treadmill workout but was able to run for a continuous period of time.  That would be 15 minutes straight of running at 5.2 speed.  I am happy with that for sure.  After my run I then completed the 30 mins by walking at 4.0 speed.  I did not dread this workout and got changed immediately when I got home.  Plus, as an added bonus I am very excited about tomorrow's run because I am going to do the intervals again.  I have not been excited about a workout in awhile!  So I am very jazzed!

Next week I am going to continue my treadmill running and then throw in some full body strength training that I can do at home and generally without weights.  I just have to find the right program for me.  If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

A gratuitous picture of my kitty, Tequila
Until later keep riding, running and swimming to your personal greatness.


  1. Get some of those bands, they are awesome!! We use those in our class and I think they are more useful that that bar (that hurts my neck!). Lots of things you can do with the bands, and it helps the core :)!

    Go slow and steady on the running for awhile; it teaches the body to burn more fat for fuel. You adapt easier!! Well, this is what I'm learning!

    I got some new pedals for my bike...we should ride together soon!!!


  2. Good run! I'm glad you can start building up again.

  3. You are on a roll!

    There are a lot of body weight exercises you can do without weights. Planks (many variations), pushups, stuff like that is hard but it really works! Lunges and squats too!

  4. I really like Jacki Warner, her ab workouts are a killer. One time I took a rest during an ab set, and my daughter yelled at me because I wasn't doing what Jacki was : )

  5. Woohoo!! It's so fun when work outs are something to look forward to - I love your attitude :)

    A good body-weight-only exercise to help you build up strength for fore-foot running is the calf raise -- I tried to find a 'how to' video and this was the least annoying one could locate, haha (sorry, the chick in it is kind of goofy...)