Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Workout!

Okay, I am trying to get the motivation back so I thought if I posted my workout here it might help.  I had to fight myself to get the workout done when I got home from work.  My conversation with my son on the drive home from the office was a tad stressful and my first impulse was to blow it off.  However, I know that I have to quit falling into that trap.  So I put on my big girl panties on and I went downstairs to the treadmill.  I decided to do 8x2 min intervals.  Where it was two minutes fast and two minutes slow.  Of course fast and slow are relative at this point in time.  I did 5.2 speed for the fast and 4.0 speed for slow with each at 2% incline.  I plan on doing something similar tomorrow but to be truthful I will just see what my body wants to do.  If I can't run continuously for 30 mins then I will do the run/walk method.  Here's to consistency!!!

Until later keep running, riding and swimming to your personal greatness!

Gratuitous Reba photo!


  1. LOL! Big girl panties do wonders! I've had to invest in quite a few of them! :-) Reba is all grown up and so adorable!

  2. I love gratuitous dog photos! Good job on the workout--just getting it done is most of the battle.

  3. Good for you getting it done. I've done some heavy cyber shopping, but otherwise today was a bust. Tomorrow will be better!

  4. One step at a time! I'm right there with you! Hi Reba!