Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pikes Peak Road Runners Super Bowl 5K

Another great race is in the books and I surprised myself yet again. I had a steady pace in the 10's. Wow!

Here are the unofficial details:
Mile 1: 10:14
Mile 2: 10:26
Mile 3: 10:33 During this mile I had to walk a little bit because my belly was not feeling good!
Mile .10: 9:43
Average Pace: 10:23

I am really feeling good with these races. I really thing that by the end of the summer I will be able to knock this down to in the 9's.

Now some great pics from the race:

Me and My Cheerleaders

A Beautiful Start to the Race!


  1. Yay! Those are the times I'm shooting for this year. But I have a lot more minutes to knock off.

    1. You can do it my dear. Just remember the word for the year, BELIEVE!

  2. Awesome! That's how we do race/one run at a time. Knock it down by a few seconds, then another few, until all of a sudden....Wow, you're where you want to be.

    Then you start all over, cuz at some point, 8's will be in your sight :)

  3. totally awesome!! you'll be consistently be in the 9s in no time. Way to kick out those races!!!

  4. Great race and beautiful pics! Soon youll be in the 9's!


  5. Nice job and a beautiful mountain in the background. Glad you loved your race so much. It's a great feeling.

  6. Great job, Christi! I love your canine cheerleader (and beautiful pics). The 9s will be yours, never fear.

  7. Yea Christi!!!!You are coming back strong!

    Ummm you guys obviously didn't get the snow we did huh?

  8. Awesome!!! Did you get any snow at all down south???

  9. Way to go Christi! in the words of the Louis Armstrong song...I Believe, I Believe.....

  10. 9 and under 9 are on the corner, you will do it!
    Congrats for the race and the beautiful cheerleader.