Friday, January 29, 2010

Sorry for the long wait...

Winter Series Race 2

Okay, I had every intention this year of blogging more often and then life took over. I will offer no excuses but will try to get better from here on out. Let me give you some updates on each of the tri disciplines.

Swimming: Wow, I never thought that I would say this but I am loving swimming! I have made some great progress through the month of January. Coach L has started team swim workouts. We meet twice a month at an outdoor heated pool at Flying Horse Ranch. The workouts are really fun. Imagine swimming outdoors when the temps are 30 degrees or below! Anyhoo, she works with all of us on our form and gives us some great workout ideas. She said one thing to me at the first workout and my form has improved tremendously. Note, that tremendously is relative considering that I started at a very beginner level last year. Anyway, every since I incorporated her comment I feel much more confident in my form. My confidence was boosted also during the second workout when Coach L said on multiple occasions that I was swimming so much better. Yah, I am sucker for positive feedback. I like, I love, I want some more of it! Next month is going to be a great swim month. Coach has upped my projected swim mileage for the month! Bring it on! January's monthly total: 15350 meters

Running: A great running month is occurring also. I have completed two of the Pikes Peak Roadrunner Winter Series Races. The first race was run at Cheyenne Mountain State Park and the course was rough. The course was on a trail which was hilly,snow-packed and icy for the most part. The total mileage for that race was a long 10K. I ran it in 1:23. A much better time than the last time I ran at CMS Park with the team. The second race was run on the Santa Fe trail. The weather that day was sunny but cold and windy. Luckily, we had the headwind in the first half of the race. The race was an 8 miler and I ran it in 1:19. Yea, not much different than the first race but the courses were way different. As to my weekly running, I am getting faster. I am running at higher speeds on the treadmill and I am not pushing it. I also completed a field test for Coach L this month. I almost completed a full mile during the 8 min run, .97 mile. Again progress from the previous field test. January's monthly total: 92.36

Biking: I have not been able to get outside on the bike much this month. The weather is really not cooperating in this regard. I did get a great ride in with my neighbor but nothing else outside. Good thing my husband got me Spinervals for Christmas because that is what I have been doing in the biking realm. I had never done these tapes before but I am really loving them. The tapes make it so much easier to get on the trainer! January's monthly total: 74.16

Weight lifting/Yoga: Okay, so these are not tri disciplines but each is very important for our sport. I have successfully implemented each of these activities into my schedule. I weight lift at least once a week and hope to bring the count up to twice a week. As far as yoga, I also have started doing every Sunday morning and hope to do it at least twice a week next month. Now if I could just get the core work done on a more consistent basis.

In other news, my job is going great! I totally love the position and the schedule is very flexible so I am able to get my workouts done. That is a big plus for me! The job also includes some travel and I went on my first business trip this year and the plus here is that I did not let it interfere with my workout schedule. As Coach L says, "Have shoes will travel!"

So all in all I think my training towards Ironman Kansas is progressing along great. I am showing the best consistency and commitment ever! And with consistency comes progress. Woo hoo!

Until later, keep riding, running and swimming!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Great Workouts!

I am welcoming the New Year in with a bang! Yesterday, my friend and I did the El Paso Search and Rescue, Rescue Run 5K. We had great weather for that run, which from what I understand is very unusual. The course is run at Palmer Park and the first 1.5miles is uphill. I made it up the hill with only a brief walk and I am ecstatic about that. My hill running is definitely getting better. The remainder of the course was downhill. Woo Hoo! I finished with a pretty good time given the course. Here are the details:
1. Overall Finish Time: 31:40
2. Gender Place: 58/216
3. Age Group Place: 16/61
4. Overall Place: 168/425


Today was another great workout day and I am feeling it right now as I write this blog. My legs are tired. I guess I should be in a hot bath tub! The day started out with me meeting the training group at 8a. Again we had great weather to run in. We just played the run by year. We did about a 60 min run which was about a 5 mile run. This was more of a running get together than a training run and that was a nice change of pace. After the run I met up with my neighbor and we did a 2 hour ride. Back story here is that I had just met my neighbor within the last week. She is another triathlete so we have decided to do some training together. I have to thank my crazy activities for one thing. They have done a great job of getting me over my shyness! I now love meeting new training partners! Anyway, back to the ride. We did a easy ride or at least for my neighbor it was. I was struggling a bit to keep up with her. That too is a good thing because now I have someone to push me. The route was from our houses to 30th to Colorado Ave, to downtown, to Mark Dabling and then a return via Woodmen Rd, or what I like to call it Mount Woodmen. Woodmen Rd is a nice never ending up hill climb and it always kicks my butt! Yes, hill climbing is a goal for the year so I just have to ride them until I get better, right? For most of the ride we had great weather. The sun was out and the temps were good. However, that all changed in the last 1/2 hour. The winds and snow kicked up right in time for the hills. So I felt pretty hard core once I completed this ride.

Overall, I am very happy with the last couple of days but I am also looking forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow is yoga day! I may do some swimming also but I want to see how well my body feels in the morning! I can't overdo it at the beginning of the year!

Until later, keep running, riding and swimming...