Friday, April 9, 2010

What Sports Have Done for Me!

I was thinking about this topic the other day as I was writing a business proposal for a running/walking team at work. A few thoughts came to mind so I thought I would pass them along and I hope you will share how sports has changed your life as well!

1. Of course, the most obvious thing is that I am thinner and I am healthier than I have ever been. I also don't suffer from panic attacks anymore or at least not nearly as severe or as often! These are great outcomes but not really the best outcomes.
2. I am more confident. For my entire life I have been a shy and insecure person but since I have been running and doing tris things have changed. I am more willing to put myself out there. I talk to people I don't know. I would have never done that before! I go out to and do things on my own. Like this weekend I am heading to a transition clinic all by myself. Again, I would have never done that in the past. Doors have opened for me and it is one the greatest things to have happened in my life.
3. Because I am more confident and willing to put myself out there I have made some of the best friends a person could know whether I have met them in person or not! My training partners are a great support system in my life and I am so glad that they are around to share these great adventures we embark on!

I know that there are many more things that have changed since I started all these adventures but these are the ones that really stand out. So thanks sports for being such a positive role in my life! I hope I am still chugging out the miles when I am 80!(maybe then I will be on the podium!)

I mean it takes confidence to be seen in public looking like this!

or even like this!


  1. I think it is truely amazing what this sport does for us in many different ways

  2. Wow Christi,
    Good for you! I could have written this and put my name on it too. Story of my life...after the first marathon in 1998, i said, watch out world cuz i'm here now! I was so shy, it was ridiculous, but that was a prior life and now onward and upward and continue moving forward and enjoying every second of it. Great post!

  3. That is one of the reasons why I coach. I love seeing the transformation over a few months of people going from being shy and quiet to outgoing and living life to the fullest.

  4. Great post Christi! You have acheived so much and you have inspired so many people along the way. It is so much more than just "getting in shape" it's a positive lifestyle. :-)

  5. It helps to be surrounded by such supporting and like-minded athletes. Yeah to an improved just keeps getting better and better!


  6. Keeping up with you is the problem.