Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Thoughts

I have not posted about training in awhile mostly because I am still battling my ITB problem. This injury does not make me happy so I have been somewhat down the last couple of weeks. However, I am coming around and just taking it day by day. So I will now just post some random thoughts about what's going on in Colorado Springs!

1. My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I did get my new camera! Woo Hoo! I will now have some great photos of my adventures just as soon as I learn how to download them!
2. I have been swimming quite a bit because of the ITB. I would like to say I am getting faster but I think I am just getting better endurance!
3. There are only 40 days until Ironman Kansas and I am a little nervous. Every time I call home someone else is coming to watch. Failure is not an option!
4. My coach is great. She has been so supportive during my downtime! She has worked with me on altering my schedule and listening to my whining. But to honor her I am going to work on getting a "POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE!"
5. I did not do the Cherry Creek Sneak on Sunday but I did go to watch. My friends and their boys all did great! Love ya guys!
6. Here is a shout out to all doing Ironman St. George this weekend. May the weather gods shine on ya'all and may ya'all RAWK that hard course!
7. Congrats to Bree Wee on a great race in South Africa. She is a great triathlete and an awesome, inspiring blogger!
8. Finally, in a plea for support. Team Shiner and I are once again doing the MS 150 and I am not doing well in the fund raising department. If you can, please donate. MS is a terrible condition and it affects many people I know! You can donate by clicking on our picture on the right hand side of the blog, Thanks!!!

Until later, keep running, riding and swimming...


  1. - I hope the ITB gets better soon

    - If I had to pick endurance or speed in the swim, I would easliy pick endurance, your right on course

    - I soooooo need a camera, crackberry is ok, but I am not taking out my life line to snap a pic at 20mph

  2. I had the dreaded ITBS just over a year ago...such a frustrating injury but sounds like you are making the best of it. More time in the pool is always good :-)

  3. Keep your spirits up. You will rock IronMan Kansas!

  4. 40 days!!! You will do great! Can't wait to track you (oops, just added to your list!). tn

  5. Cute pic :) Keep thinking positive thoughts. Swim endurance is good to have in an IM swim so that is a BONUS. Happy thoughts:)

  6. hope your ITB gets better. Those things are so pesky and annoying once they start. happy early bday and just keep swimming just keep swimming :)

  7. No doubt you are getting faster in the pool. Is your Team Shiner, you know...Shiner beer???

  8. @Coach Liz, oh yeah! Our team is named after Shiner Beer because we love the stuff!