Monday, April 12, 2010

Platte River Half Marathon

Howdy all! I am excited to tell you guys all about my latest race, The Platte River Half Marathon in Littleton, CO. The race started at 9a so I didn't have to get up too early to make the drive. I started the day with a shower. Normally, I don't do that before a race because I am just going to sweat anyway. But the shower really woke me up and that was good since I was making the drive on my own. Yea, my husband did not make the trip this time so no pics. I left about 7:20 but had to hit Starbucks first. Another change for me but mmm so good. I got to the race at about 8:15. After several diversions and detours on the trip. I was certain I was going to get lost but it all worked out. I found a great parking place and went to get my packet. A nice little jaunt up to packet pickup and back served as my warm up. Then it was off to the porta-potty. The line was long but moved very quickly! Thank goodness because it was close to race time! I lined up with the 10:00/mile group and was ready to go. The sun was shining and it was getting warm so I am glad that I wore the running skirt and short sleeved short. I would have been warm otherwise.

I will lay out the race splits now:
1 mile-I missed the first mile marker so I don't know what my split was here. I guess I was too enthralled by the crowds. There was one runner who looked exactly like my cousin from the back so I got caught up in thinking about my family.
2 mile-18:40 for the first and second miles. I was very happy with that. I was feeling good. I had no leg pains and I was breathing comfortably. Awesome!
3 mile-9:22 Oh yea, I can keep this going.
4 mile-9:29 I am doing great so far.
5 mile-9:26 Wow, I am being pretty consistent but I am starting to tire.
6 mile-9:47 Yep, I am getting tired and my quads are killing me! But I have to continue to move. My legs are going to feel a lot worse in Kansas so I need to prep for that.
7 mile-10:03 Okay, if I can keep this up I am going to PR. I really need to work on endurance. I want to keep my splits in the 9:30s.
8 mile-10:43 Yea, I am feeling pretty bad right now. My quads and my hip are both hurting.
9 mile-12:02 Damn, I had to walk so of this mile I need to get back on track!
10 mile-11:40 That is a little bit better but I have got to get faster. Run! Run!
11 mile-11:32 You are doing better but now comes that damn hill!
12 mile-11:22 You are almost done keep moving and you will get that PR! And it will be at elevation.
13 mile-11:56 Please please point me to the end.

Chip Time: 2:17:12. YES, that is a PR by about 4 mins and it was done at elevation. I am so happy with this race. I am completely confident now that I am going to get to 2 hours soon. I just know it and I am going to train and make it happen!

After the race I met some new people and that was really awesome. I also ran into a blogger from Denver. She writes a great blog and I saw her on multiple occasions cheering us on. That was really great! And if she happens to read my blog, Sonja, I was the one yelling that I love your blog.

Here are some other details from the race.
Gun Time - 2:18:03
Chip Time - 2:17:12,
Pace - 10:32
Division Place (40-44) - 93/134
Gender Place - 588/917
Overall Place - 1131/ 1546

Now is time for recovery time. I am going to spend more time at the pool for the next couple of days and hope that the ITB calms down.

Until later keep running, riding and swimming!


  1. woo-hoo! great job and a PR to boot. let's get you on a pancake flat half Mary course...I'm thinking sub 2 hours easily. congrats on the race!

  2. Hell Yeah!! Awesome PR!! Doesn't it feel great. Enjoy the pool time!

  3. Congrats ont he PR! WTG! You will be under 2 hours very soon :-)

  4. Congratulations on your PR. It was a great weather day for it too.

  5. WOOO HOOOO!! Well done on the PR, can't wait to see you tear it up @ Kansas!! Is Kansas your first 70.3?


  6. I love the play by play, your splits recaps are my favorite. I am not sure what the elevation profile was for this run was and while you only mentioned one hill, I am with KC, a flat course is just what you need to test your speed. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to read about your sub 2 hour run!

  7. Congrats again and great meeting ya! See you around town, I'm sure! :-)

  8. Way to go on the PR!!! That is a nice time drop. Take care of that hip and IT Band.

  9. I totally read your blog!!!! It rocks the house. Thanks for the shout out, it was so fun to cheer and I totally heard you during the race! You rocks. Way to go one the PR...and at altitude, with the evil hill at the end. AWESOME!

  10. Great job on the PR! and the pic is awesome!

  11. Nice job on the race!! I've done that a time or two, it is a very nice course! I'm just up the road on 25 from you in Denver... Good luck with all your upcoming races!