Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Adventures at the Pool

Today was an interesting day at the pool. I will just lay out the characters for you.

1. In my favorite lane, which of course I did not get, was snorkeling man. He had on flippers and a snorkel and seriously was moving like he was on a snorkeling trip. He was very slow and refused to look up when he got to the end of the lane. Yep, no sharing with him.
2. In the next lane was "Slappy". This guy is at the pool every day that I am at the pool and he has the oddest stroke I have ever seen. He slaps the water with every stroke. Plus, one of his arms goes does not get in the water straight above his head but almost to the opposite shoulder. He also refuses to look up when he reaches the end of the lane so no sharing with him. That is okay because slapoptamus also can't swim straight!
3. I finally found someone who would pay attention to me and share a lane. He was done very early into my workout but I soon got a new lane partner. She was fine until about 1/2 way through she ran right into me. WHOOPS! No big deal really, I told her it was training for the ironman swim! This started a conversation with a new guy in the second lane. He is getting back into shape and had done an ironman before. He said I looked very comfortable when I swam. That was nice to hear!
4. The final character of the day had to comment on my tan as I was getting ready to leave. Yea, I fake and bake. I know it is bad for me but it makes me feel good. Anyway, he wanted to know where I got my tan and that he needed to get one now. I guess that was okay but felt kind of creepy.

Of course there was also the guy that talks to himself. He is really creepy and I am glad that I was not alone with him! That was my interesting day at the pool. I think I like the days when super speedy chick is there. I would rather feel inferior than creeped out!

Have a great week of workouts all!


  1. slapapotomus! that is great! I recently saw a guy swimming at my pool with a snorkel. doesn't that kinda take away some of the training adaptation? you have way more crazy characters at your pool than I do. I think the freaks don't come out at the crack of dawn. that's my saving grace.

  2. Oh how funny! I use a small 3 lane pool and I seem to run into some characters there too! Its been nice all winter to have the pool to myself (outdoor pool) but lately it is getting more crowded, I swam beside a slappy today too :-)

  3. LOLOLOLOL....OMG!!! At my old pool I had adventures like yours all the time. Not so much at the new outdoor pool. Yesterday however there was an old guy yelling at the thin air which was fine until he thought he'd include me in his conversation. Apparently getting his hair wet was an issue while he was bobbing around.

    Well done on handling the crazies! If you ever visit over here I promise I won't slap the water or run into you if we share a lane. ;-p

  4. Oh, the adventures at the gym...Ha ha!
    take the tan as a compliment, immitation is the purest form of flattery.
    I was also just thinking the other day how a close friend of mine is trying to swim...and they're having trouble. It took me back and I recalled how uncomfortable it used to be...so being comfortable is HUGE and it's not something you can teach. It just comes with practice. Well done.

  5. Gotta love the gym pool, all you were missing was water aerobic person, who wont share a lane as they do their curls in the pool, so annoying/

  6. Love your pool crazies! Ha ha! Umm...the tan comment guy would have freaked me out too!

  7. Hmmm...nothing out of the ordinary huh? Pool crazies crack me up....must be what keeps me going back for more ;)


  8. Oh, pool etiquette! I swear everyone should have to read a book on it before getting in. ;) Let me know when you'll be out in SD in May! Hopefully you can get in a few runs & swims while our here.
    Happy Trails!!!

  9. Slapapotamus!!! ROTFLMAO!!! I love it! I have Noodle Man, The Floater, and Angry Sr. Aqua Jogger to deal with. We had four lanes and then a lane line broke. It has been broken for over a year now and it lays on the pool deck like a dead boa constrictor. So now with only 3 lanes it makes it really interesting. Angry Sr. Aqua Jogger WILL NOT share a lane or move to avoid getting splashed. They just start ranting, raving, and yelling if they feel any splash. The Floater takes up the whole lane just floating on his back with arms and legs all akimbo. Noodle Man doggie paddles down the lane with a pool noodle or two under his enormous belly. He is usually the one that splashes Angry Sr. Aqua Jogger. I have started swimming at my kid's swim team aquatic center. It is outside and only hard core swimmers show up. Getting a tan is a plus!