Friday, July 31, 2009


I just cannot contain the excitement that I am feeling for my first tri!!! I want to tell the whole world that I am finally tackling the three sport event! I know that it is only a sprint tri and not an Ironman but it is still so damn exciting! I will do my best to remember every detail about the race so I can give a great race report!

Until then keep riding, running and now swimming!!!!!!!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quick Update…

I have been very busy with work and family visits so I apologize for not updating this blog sooner. However, the workouts and activities have continued. I had a great week of workouts and 2 great events.

The first event was another Splash and Dash at Memorial Park. The weather made this race a little complicated but only in the fact that it pushed the race start time out. Otherwise the race went very well for me. I was much more confident during the swim but I did experience some breathing troubles. For some reason my wetsuit just seemed really tight in the chest area. I believe that was mostly panic because once I calmed down I swam quite well. The run was not as good as I had expected but not too much worse than last time!

Here are the results from the last 2 Splash and Dash (750 swim/5K run) events!

Race 1:
Swim Time – 25:44
Run Time – 43:45
Total Time – 1:09:29

Race 2:
Swim Time – 20:53
Run Time – 44:37
Total Time – 1:05:30

Coach L and I have talked about my running and my goals over the last week and we have modified some of my goals for the year. The first change being that I will not do the Chicago marathon this year. I am not ready mentally or physically for this challenge. However, I will do the San Antonio ½ marathon with the goal of breaking 2 hours. Now most of you are saying that is not possible given her 5k times from above. Well, that may be true but I will get very close to that number. Coach and I are going to spend fall and early winter focusing on my running. Specifically, I have got to get past the mental block that is forcing me to walk during runs. I am physically capable of running but I just can’t seem to run a race completely right now, meaning I end up walking some of the race. This will be kicked by the end of the month for sure!!!

Anyway, the second event that I completed last week was on Saturday. I did the Colorado Springs Grand Prix Classic 10K. The race is run on the Santa Fe Trail from Tiffany Square to Monument Valley Park. Race day was gorgeous. The temps were reasonable and we had a slight tailwind. I completed the course in 1:06:48. Again there was some walking involved but I know that I am working on that! I am just happy that I got my butt out of bed and to the race. That right there is a major accomplishment!!!!

So far this week the workouts have not been too exciting but that is only because I have the on call phone for work. Meaning that I have to be available at a moment’s notice should something arise at work so I have been doing my workouts in the house, treadmill and bike trainer. These workouts are boring but it is better than nothing!

I am very excited about this weekend!!! I will be doing my very first triathlon!!!!!! I am doing the sprint Tri at the Rocky Mountain State Games. If any of you are in town, drop by Memorial Park Saturday morning and check out the festivities. The adult races begin at 7a and the kid races begin around 930a. I will definitely provide a race report and pictures for that one.

Until then, keep riding and running!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What a Week!!!!!

Well for most of the triathletes out there, this week may seem like nothing but for me this was a big week of training!!!!!! The week of 4th of July was spent in Kansas visiting family and I only got one ride completed. We did a nice ride through the rolling hills of Kansas with an overcast sky and some slight rain. That was a welcome change of weather for Brad and me. I don’t think we could have handled any of the heat and humidity without the clouds and drizzle! Unfortunately, that was the only workout I got in that week so I knew that I had to get on the ball this week. And damn if that isn’t what I did.

Fireworks in Kansas!

Monday was a small 1100 swim workout at the pool preceded with a new weightlifting workout. The workout is one that I found on I liked the workout because it showed pictures for each of the lifting exercises. That is necessary for me because I am a picture girl!!! I did 2 sets of 15 for each exercise and then did a shortened core workout. After weightlifting, I did my swim. I did a 300 warm-up, 300 pull, 300 kick and then 4x50s with a 30 second rest in between each 50. Finally I did a cool down. That was a great workout to ease into the week with because I felt great almost strong even!

On Tuesday, Nicola was available for a run. I wanted to do something different so we did a trail run at Ute Valley Park. We started from my house, which is about a mile from the park. We did a loop through the park and then did the mile back to the house. I thought I would actually remember the loop well but as usual we got lost. We always get lost but this time was my fault! So our run ended up being not only a run but a hike with some rock climbing tacked on as well!!!! We saw a lot of people at the park and at one point we were warned of a possible rattlesnake on the trail! We did not see the snake and we were grateful for that!

Wednesday was another adventure with Nic and her fiancée Den. We did the Incline! The weather was prefect but I was not feeling great. I did not fuel properly for this workout and I felt it going up those steep stairs! However, we all made it and had a great run down Barr Trail!

Thursday was a day of firsts for me. I did my first open swim. I wore my wetsuit in the water for the first time and I did my first multi-sport event. I did a Splash and Dash that is put on by Coach L and Coach C. I had a great time!!!! My wetsuit felt great! The water was not nearly as gross as I thought it would be! Thanks to the city for cleaning up Prospect Lake! There was some seaweed but it did not bother me like I thought it would. One thing I did learn during this adventure is that open water swimming is much harder than swimming in the pool!!!!!!!! My arms felt like lead when I finished. I am proud to say that I was not the last one out of the water and I only got run over one time. So I would chalk this up as a great experience. The run was around the lake three times. My legs were like lead. In fact as I was coming out of the water I almost fell right back over. Luckily, I held it together. The transition went much better than I thought it would. I was able to get my wetsuit off quickly. Thanks Bodyglide!!!!!! The only thing I forgot during transition was my number! I was able to pick it up after the first lap of the run. My run was not great but I finished all 3 laps and didn’t walk too much. I don’t know my split times and all that but I believe my total time was 1:09. The race was a 750 swim followed by a 3.75 mile run. Yea, I am now a multi-sport athlete.

Christi in a Wetsuit

Prospect Lake Before the Race

Running Around the Lake

Friday was a much needed rest day and I took complete advantage of that one!!! On Saturday I was to meet the training group in Manitou Springs to do the Summit. Unfortunately, I could not drag my butt out of bed in order to meet them at 640am. I did drag my butt out of bed by 930a and I was on the Incline by 10a. I parked in downtown Manitou Springs so that I was forced to run/walk more. The weather was very hot on the Incline so my time sucked. However, I was just very happy to get the workout done. In the evening, I met some of my tri-friends for an open water swim. Unfortunately, Colorado weather is back to normal so we had a thunderstorm. We had lightning, thunder and a steady strong rain. That put our swim on hold. I was very disappointed because I really wanted to get in another open water swim done!!!!!! I have to get on the ball with these because I have agreed to help out some gals by doing the swim leg of a ½ Ironman relay, 5430 Long Course Triathlon in August! That will be fun!

On Sunday, Brad and I met Nic and Den to do a ride. We started from Monument, traveled through Black Forest to the Air Force Academy and then back to the chalet. The weather for 98% of the ride was perfect! We had a great time on some very hilly terrain. Unfortunately, at the end I bonked big time!!!!! Then the rain started! I was having none of that so I had to stop at the school. My lovely friends zoomed back to the house and then came and I got me. I was not happy with the turn of events but I am so glad that I have great friends! The ride for me was a total of 33miles.

All in all this was a great week of training. Now this week will be the test. Can I keep up the consistency? That is the big question for me and Coach L and I know that I am going to give it my best shot! My mantra for this week will be “Harden the F%&K up!”

Until later, keep riding and running!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More MS 150 Photos...

Here are some of the official photos from the MS 150!

Team Shiner on Day 2 at the Lunch Stop

Team Shiner at the Finish with Marilyn

Brad and I at the Finish

Nic and Den at the Finish