Thursday, October 15, 2009

How Do I Swim Again?

I swam for the first time in a couple of weeks and it is if I had forgotten how to swim. Is my form right? Have I always been this slow? Does the black line always feel this long? Can I cheat on this set without getting in trouble? Yes those were the questions going through my mind as I did my swim workout yesterday. I felt totally out of synch with the whole process. So I went back to basics. I tried to focus on my form and that included slowing down to make sure I was doing the right things. I did not cheat on my sets! I knew the only one I would be cheating would be me. Of course, I used Coach L as the reason but I really knew it was because I could not live with myself if I cheated! I just did the best that I could given the circumstances. Here is what the workout consisted of: 300 WU, 200 kick, 200 pull with buoy, 5x100 with 30 sec rest between (Here is where I wanted to cheat!), 200 kick, 5x50 with 30 sec rest between and 200 WD. Not bad for the first day back in awhile. I look forward to the next workout!

Prior to my swim I ran 25 mins. I also did the same thing on Tuesday. A short 25 min run at 5.7 on the treadmill. This should have been a recovery run but I could not bring my heart rate down when I was running so it was a little bit harder than a recovery run. During these runs my right hip felt fine. I have been doing everything that coach has said and I am starting to feel the difference. But that is not to say that I am not doubting the plan. My hyperactive need to do more is overtaking me. I am already looking at my total numbers for the week and can feel disappointment that they are not as high as in the past. Yes, I know I am recovering but it is hard to rationalize. I was enjoying the rush of the big miles if only mentally. So I am continually reminding myself that it takes discipline to recover and that I will be better off if I do what I am told. Let's hope I can do that! I will be emailing Coach L today to see what if any miles I get to do over the weekend. I have 2 hours and 45 mins on the plan for Saturday but that was before the hip. I still want to do it but I know that is probably not a good idea. Oh well, we will just see what Coach says...

Until later keep riding, running and swimming!

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  1. When I started back it felt like I was swimming thru mud. Took a few weeks but it got better!!

    Keep up the good work!!